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What characteristics does the medical disinfection basket that my factory produces have?

2021-7-4 17:14:51      点击:

1, the use of stainless steel material, surface treatment electrolytic polishing treatment, durable, bright as a mirror, not rust, not variable.

2, the use of micro-spot resistance welding and welding technology without butt welding, so that the product has no protruding welding spot, no welding damage, no burr, no fall off, safe use.

3, grid design is conducive to water or steam penetration, to ensure the cleaning and sterilization effect.

Again, I plant disinfection basket now what specifications?

The existing sizes of stainless steel disinfection baskets produced by our factory are: 480*250*60m 280*200*60mm 340*250*60mm 300*250*60mm 380*300*50mm 400*300*50mm 250*170*70mm 450*300*60mm 400*350*70mm 380*280*65mm, special specifications can be customized.